Máy phát điện Cummins C1010D5P công suất liên tục 1010KVA, công suất dự phòng 1110KVA

Cummins Genset - 1010 kVA Specification / Thông số máy phát điện Cummins 1010KVA

Make: Cummins India
808 kWe, 1010 kVA Prime

Engine/ Động cơ

Engine: Cummins ‘K38 series’ direct injection, water cooled engine, 12 cylinder, 4 stroke, rated at 1500 RPM,
conforming to ISO 3046 has the following specifications:
  •  Cummins PT fuel pump
  •  Cummins STC injectors
  •  Cummins turbocharger, Pulse tuned exhaust manifold,
  • Stainless steel exhaust flexible connections
  • Radiator or Heat exchanger, Coolant inhibitor,
  •  Plate type lube oil cooler
  •  Outboard aftercoolers
  •  Full flow paper element filters - fuel, lube oil and by-pass
  •  Dry type replaceable paper element air cleaner with restriction indicator
  •  Flywheel housing & flywheel to suit single / double bearing alternator
  • -Flexible coupling for double bearing alternator
  •  Starting motor – Electric, Battery charging alternator
  •  Electronic control panel
  •  Cummins PowerCommand® microprocessor based
  • genset controller
  •  First fill lube oil​
Alternator: Stamford brushless AC alternator/ Đầu phát điện Stamford AC không chổi than
  •  Seperately excited, self-regulated
  •  Class ‘H’ insulation
  •  Salient pole revolving field
  •  Single / double bearing
  •  Automatic voltage regulator
  •  PMG standard

Accessories/ Phụ kiện:

  •  Silencer suitably optimized to reduce noise
  •  Sturdy base rail
  •  990 ltrs. free standing fuel tank
  •  Suitable batteries with connecting leads and terminals

Optionals/ Lựa chọn thêm

  • Engine:
  • Heavy duty air cleaner, Lube oil / Coolant heater with thermostatic switch
  • Alternator: Space heater, RTDs, BTDs
  • Control Panel: AMF control panel, Battery charger,
  • Remote/Auto start panel, Auto/Manual synchronizing panel,
  • Audio/Visual annunciation for faults

Control Panel/ Bảng điều khiển

Control panel is manufactured with 14/16 gauge CRCA sheet and is powder coated for weather-proof and long lasting finish.
The control panel consists of the following parts:

  • PowerCommand 1.2 Controller
  • ƒƒAluminum bus bars with suitable capacity with incoming/ outgoing terminals
  • ƒIndicating lamps for ‘Load ON’ and ‘Set Running’
  • ƒƒInstrument fuses duly wired and ferruled
  • MCCB of suitable rating with overload and short circuit protections

Control panel: PowerCommand® PC 3.3(Bộ điều khiển PowerCommand® PC 3.3)

  • AmpSentry – Includes integral AmpSentry protection, which
  • provides a full range of alternator protection function which are
  • matched to the alternator provided.
  • Power management – Control function provides battery
  • monitoring, testing and a smart starting control system.
  • Advanced control methodology – Three phase sensing, FET
  • based full wave rectified voltage regulation and a PWM output for
  • stable operation with all load types.
  • Communications interface – Control comes standard with
  • PCCNet and Modbus interface.
  • Regulation compliant – Prototype tested: UL, CSA and CE compliant.
  • Service - InPower™ PC-based service tool available for
  • detailed diagnostics, setup, data logging and fault simulation.
  • Reliable design – For reliable operations in harsh environment.
  • Multi-language support
  • Independent of PC/ laptop for setting up

Operator panel features/ Các tính năng hoạt động của bảng điều khiển

Operator panel features – The operator panel, in addition to
the alternator, displays the Utility/ AC Bus data.

Operator/ display functions

  • - 320 x 240 pixels graphic LED backlight LCD with bar graph for
  • displaying electrical parameters
  • - Auto, manual, start, stop, fault reset and lamp test/panel lamp
  • switches
  • - Alpha-numeric display with pushbuttons
  • - LED lamps indicating genset running, remote start, not in auto,
  • common shutdown, common warning, manual run mode, auto
  • mode and stop

Paralleling control functions

  • - Digital frequency synchronization and voltage matching
  • - Isochronous kW and kvar load sharing controls
  • - Droop kW and kvar control
  • - Sync check
  • - Extended paralleling (Peak Shave/Base Load)
  • - Digital power transfer control (AMF) provides load transfer
  • operation in open or closed transition or soft (ramping) transfer mode



Model C1010 D5 P
Prime Power/ Standby kVA 1010/1110
Output Voltage and Frequency 380-415 Volts, 50 Hz
Power Factor 0.8 (lag)
No. of phases 3 phase


Make Cummins
Model KTA 38 G5
No. of cylinders 12 ‘Vee”
Aspiration Turbocharged-Aftercooled
Bore x Stroke 159 mm x 159 mm
Displacement 37.8 ltrs
Output - Prime 1180 bhp (880 kWm)
Fuel consumption @ 75% load with Radiator & Fan 153.3 ltr/hr
Fuel consumption @ 100% load 203.8 ltr/hr
Typical oil consumption @ 100% load 0.24 ltr/hr
Total wet weight ( engine + radiator) 6000 kg
Length x Width x Height (engine) 2265 x 1400 x 1658 mm
Compression Ratio 13.9 : 1
Piston Speed 7.95 m/s
Governor / Class Electronic / A1
Lubricating oil sytem capacity 145 ltrs
Coolant capacity (engine + radiator) 260 ltrs
Combustion air intake @ 100% load (+/- 5%) 66.9 m3/min
Fan air flow across radiator 1431.3 m3/min
Exhaust Temperature 500oC


Make Stamford
Frame size / Model No. HC6Y
Voltage Regulation 0.50%
Insulation Class H
Standard Enclosure IP 23
Winding Pitch 2 / 3 Pitch
Stator Winding Double layer lap
Rotor Dynamically balanced
Wave form distortion No load < 1.8 %, non distorting
balanced linear load < 5 %
Telephone Interference Factor Better than 50
Total Harmonic Factor Better than 2%


Genset Model Rating
CS1010 D5 P 1010kVA 4526 2140 2721 9538

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